Sunday, January 25, 2015

Etsy Eclectic

Etsy Eclectic: Velvet Painting Madness by Rustycuts 

Okay--this week's find was actually because I was searching out black velvet paintings for the apartment.... I was inspired by my friend Valeska's last poster purchase--a Dolly Parton concert poster inspired by a black velvet painting idea

This is MADE of win

So the key to etsy is to realize at some point your search will go wonky--I don't know if it is because people don't know how to properly post their items, if it is just a bad search engine or that some people are asses and just click on every tag... Regardless--these search issues are the most intimidating thing about Etsy by far and yet sometimes you find things like this:

                        I Think This is What the Rolling Stones Song is About-Wild Horses

These are Tijuana-based velvet paintings being repurposed as skirts for everyday wear by the Etsy store Rustycuts. I'm glad the I dont know how many times you might need horses galloping across your booty but it is out there and at a reasonable price--plus there are many different ideas to pick from--and here's my favorite:

                                  Cause Jesus on the Crotch Really is a Religious Moment

To be honest--though it seems like I am making fun--I do love these artists who are finding unusual ideas for their fabric and turning to other art forms for inspiration whether it is afghans becoming mens' shorts, velvet paintings as party wear or whatever else Etsy has in store... I'm just more annoyed that my velvet painting shirt somehow led to pictures of red velvet cupcake items and now I'm hungry

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