Thursday, September 13, 2012

Something Old Is Going to Be The Cheese

We are not having a vegan wedding.

I know that some people have been concerned that since i have changed my eating habits that I might inflict this onto other people via the big gay wedding. I'm not crazy enough to do this to guests unaccustomed to eating with out the animals--plus the idea of people who dont know how to eat vegan drinking from an open bar gives me flashbacks to the infamous Vomiturium party of years back.

It would not be pretty.

And if I am honest--I will not be eating vegan the day of the wedding myself. It's mostly because I want to have my wedding cake which cannot be made vegan and also because I want to enjoy myself and not constantly have to be questioning what I am eating and where it came from. I'm not planning on eating a huge steak or anything but I will have cheese with champaign if I want to.

It might be a bad idea but I have always loved my bad decisions.

It's been funny working out a new way to eat and prepare and regard food. It has made me be more creative and more aware but even with that--it's been rewarding more than annoying. But when it comes to my wedding I just picture myself relaxing and really celebrating and I have not gotten to the place where vegan dishes make me feel as good as some of my favorite comfort foods.

I just want to eat drink and be married that day--and a nice feta will help that out immensely.

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