Thursday, June 23, 2011

Put A Ring On It

Today's jam

So we don't have engagement rings. This has been a subject of debate and curiosity amongst people as they have heard about or seen me and Johnno post engagement. Now I wasn't sure how to handle that idea--only one of us having a ring would seem to put one of as the "girl" but to find something for both us without discussing it seemed risky. I had never really given much thought as to whether I would even want a ring for myself but knew if Johnno wanted one I would follow suit.

This was also the first question my mother asked once she heard the news. That and when she could actually meet him--cause I'm an awful son like that. But she did says that engagements are like children--if you wait for the perfect time you might never have one. Though--as has been pointed out by several friends--my mother's track record with engagements might make her advice on happy ever after a bit--shoddy.

Four times people. Four.

Once it was decided that we should due rings--mostly due to the fact that we would be a long engagement--I started my search on-line for something we would both like. I have no desire to set foot in any jewelry store and the idea of having to do so makes me want to break out in hives. Like Carrie Bradshaw in the ugly wedding dress on "Sex In The City" hives.


But of course there isn't a lot of great options out there. I don't want to end up with something too close to a wedding band since that is for later, or something to crazy expensive become we won't be wearing it forever, and something funky and stylish as we both are. It's hard because there is not a lot of mens ring stores out there and even fewer that carry engagement style rings. And I have fat fingers.


I discovered this last night as we measured our ring fingers together. Of course Johnno has a dainty sized finger--he could even wear women's rings if he chose--while I have an above average sized digit. What this means is that if he likes a ring it usually doesn't come in my size and vise versa. it sucks because we have found a couple things that we like and they can't be resized and so we have to move on to the next option.

Did I mention I have FAT FINGERS?!

I have known that through the idea of this wedding that I would have body issues and gender issues but i didn't expect to look at lady rings for Johnno or debate how to best lose hand fat.

Put a ring on it indeed.

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