Monday, December 21, 2015

Inspiration Blonderexic

Inspiration Blonderexic

So I've gone and colored (not dyed--never dyed) my hair platinum blond... Bright, shiny, over-the-top blond. I haven't done a color this extreme in a long time and I haven't done platinum since my senior year of college. I forgot how liberating it is.

Fortunately for me, the actually upkeep of my hair is easier since I am a natural dirty blond already. This means that I just have to keep up with the face shaving for my hair to seem somewhat natural and on-point. But I always forget what a change  of lifestyle being this blond is; how it is almost addictive.

1) I look different to a lot of people... There is something about wispy blond hair that makes people think you look younger, sometimes you look more ditzy, other times you look more approachable. I am never carded more often than with this color--and I get more smiles from strangers in general

2) Once you get the hair care process locked in--your hair will never feel unhealthy if you do it right. I mean--going this blond requires upkeep between purple shampoos and conditioners, leave-in hair masks and dry shampoo for the other 5 days a week you don't wash your hair...  What all this does is keep you from stripping too many of your hair's natural oils (from shampooing), helps you keep the extra junk out of your hair with the better hair products designed to deal with hard water and environmental damage and it encourages a lot of deep conditioning and leave-in serums which are IMPORTANT for a great head of hair. 

3) finally, drastically changing colors-which going to a platinum blonde from a dirty blonde is just as much is going from blonde to a brunette-really helps to shake your personality out of a routine… you're forced to dress different, do your grooming different, and it really is just a shift in mental gears.

I can take someone to serious and turn them into someone lighthearted and flirt orsomeone from two cheerful and kiss you too turkey mysterious… And it's always great to shake it up and not only for the ones who love you but also just push yourself outside the box

Seriously though this platinum blonde thing is pretty addictive

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