Friday, March 20, 2015

Fashion Files: Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning 

It's that special time of year… Not quite being mad rush of Christmas shopping or the early summer wardrobe flip… You have money finally back in your pockets and time to really sit down and do a detailed organization of the closet both bedroom and bath

So here's the hit list – – the things you should think about replacing…


]Toothbrush: this is one of those things that should be done every six months but people just forget--like they forget to go to the dentist.I'm a huge person about dental hygiene and it's one of the cheapest beauty tricks you have so help yourself with either totally new brushes new bristle heads and don't forget travel ones as well… You going to be very happy that you kept up with this--because keeping your real teeth is one of the best age defying tricks you can have

                                           The Truth About Blanche Deveraux

Exfoliating gloves and pumice stones: this is something that I always forget to replace but can honestly get gross and cause more problems down the road... Even if you wash the gloves out like you should they can still have germs and dirt so just toss them. And this is a good time to replace the pumice stone so you can start fresh to get your feet ready for spring and flip flops.

                                      Or You Could Do This--Not Creepy At All

Sun screen: This is one of the lotions that no one thinks of as going bad but it can--and once it does it loses it's ability to be useful which leaves you open to all that nasty sunshine that cause wrinkles... And when you buy it--avoid buying in bulk so it doesn't go bad before you've had a chance to use it. Unless you're a lifeguard--then load up.

                                               Keeping It Real--Greasy That Is

Vanishing cream and moisturizer: These are both products that once they go bad--they will really run the risk of fucking up your face... And while most women are pretty on fleck with how and when to use a full bottom--most guys are half-hearted and end up with irritated skin due to the bottle of Clearasil bought after a bad weekend at Coachella.

                                    Is That Bad Skin? Nope-Just A Bad Person

Socks/Underwear/Undershirts/Tank Top: There is nothing guys suck worse at then remembering when to repair the unmentionables... Sure they probably got some joke ones for the holidays and they might buy some new socks when they dont want to do laundry... But unlike the ladies--men dont think of underwear as something sexy or something that gets worn out until it tears along the seam but there is nothing grosser than threadbare briefs or socks that would be better used as sandals

                              Here's How To NOT Wear Your New Wifebeater

Sunglasses: They get beat-up, scratched and thrown around all year long but spring time is the perfect time to go and find the latest looks on sale. I know you love the ones you have--but it is always good to have backups and why not something in the latest style but half off post Christmas and pre Fourth of July?

 We've All Been There

Shoelaces: Nothing makes a pair of shoes look old and beat up more than bad shoelaces.... Whether it is the snow and salt playing havoc on your winter boots, boat shoes that need to have the laces re-threaded, or just sneakers with grimy laces---this one step really makes a huge difference... And while you're at it you should polish and clean those shoes for the season whether coming out of winter or preparing for spring/summer

                         Unless You Have This--Then F-You Already

Swimsuits: If you're a guy and your swimsuit has lining it is time to look and replace--especially if your a heavy swimmer... Unlike the ladies--the mesh can chafe and scrap up the thighs both inner and out when the elastic finally begins to swag... No one wants a rash in their special places and if you buy pre-season you can score some great deals before the crowds.
             Unless You Wear These--Then You're Pretty Chafe Free But An Ass

Bedding: Now is the time to stock up on some thinner cotton sheets for the warmer months--while flannel bedding might last forever its a good idea to buy something fresh and new for the summer months. Let's be honest--in the heat of the summer you're going to sweat and most light gauge sheets are really only good for the year unless you are able to buy top of the line and change them out often. It's good for your skin and your sex life

             Keep The Bed Sexy Or You Could End Up Like Demi Here--Alone

So that's it--a small and inexpensive list of things to stock up on during your spring cleaning. It's these little details and changes that can keep you looking fresh, clean faced and relaxed all year long. It's worth the effort.

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