Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday Truths

You Save The Last Piece of Chocolate.

I haven't felt much like writing--not because I don't miss it or need it but because I have been tired and busy and I had to put something away for awhile. Between some changes in my job--good changes and learning new skills that can be used elsewhere when I am ready to go--and my first wedding anniversary coming up... I just felt like I need to focus on those things and get then done right.

The thing is, I think some times when I do take a break from here that it feels like it is not important to me--when what I have learned over time is that this is something I dont want to do half assed. I dont do it for viewers or numbers or any other things; I do it cause I love to put my feelings down to clarify them for myself, to try and share things I love with people who care enough to wait for me to put them out there. I hold off on coming here until I can do it properly--it's like waiting until I finish all my chores and then I get my dessert.

I don't know if that makes any sense--I guess it only matters that I am back here cause I have the time and heart and love to give. It can best be summed as such:

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