Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Out With The Old

I need to make more time and space in my life. I have been slowly deleting shows off the DVR record lists so I can use my time better, I try and combine my lunch with chores and I'm giving my closet the side eye and debating when and what to take out for donation.

I'm not sure what has brought on this sudden urge to purge things out of my life but it feels good and making me lightweight. Of course as I make more space I want to fill it but with less things and more events, more phone calls to friends, more space for my own words and ideas than others. I'm taking stock of who and what I want around me--while I cant have everything I want do to circumstance I can do everything to have a slot ready when it is time.

And no more naps... Every since I was giving a book poking fun at my passion for it I have been trying to break the habit. It's not working yet and I am dragging ass. some things never change.


Amanda Joy said...

I gave you that book to be cute and it was with love... I do not judge your napping habit and will totally stop teasing you about it!

Rory said...

Darling--if you were the only one I could take it... Some people call me old man for my use of beauty sleep... Of course that is why I look younger than 28